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Tristan Durst is a gunslinger of wit, if guns were funny, which they are not. But she is. Tristan is, above all, passionate. And her voice conveys that passion through its honesty, its keen insight, and its brazen joy. She is skilled in the fine art of self-deprecation, the kind that often hits closer to home than many are willing to admit. But that’s okay because she’s pretty good at other-deprecation as well. The arc of her humor ultimately bends toward justice, but can snap violently back in searing pop-culture commentary and tirades in defense of sugar. But, really, it’s the justice that keeps you coming back for more.  Justice, and sugar.


Megan Price, Blushing Bride

Tristan has always had a witty and realistic approach to things. Her use of words, her smile, her voice, command attention. Her writing is a reflection of all the minute parts that make her whole. 


You can read her written words and you can actually hear her speak it, you can even visualize her possible expression while she said it. When a writer can pour so much of herself into her writings that the audience automatically knows who she is, where she stands, what she can become….that is one amazing thing. 


Did I mention, she is witty? Love this girl!


Divian Connor, 2 Queens Vintage

Tristan Durst is a true original. Her work is hilarious and insightful, thought provoking and witty. You should totally hire her. I did. A true original, Tristan Durst writes with honesty, wit, and humor. Her work is thought provoking and hilarious. Unlike some people who claim to have all the best words, Tristan truly does.


Chesney McKinley Severance, Democrats Abroad Hamburg

Tristan’s writing is the lovechild of her sense of humor and down-to-earth personality. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and song are all approached with accessibility that will make you smile, chuckle, or even cry.


Jenny Hunter, Blackmailed Best Friend