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Dear Men, Pt. 2

oh, hey, fellas. fancy meeting you here.

let me just say, first and foremostliest of all, that if i hear a single, solitary one of you say “it’s just really hard to be a man right now….” I WILL BITE YOU.

my hand to fucken christ in the bible, i will bite off half your goddamn face like hannibal motherfucking lecter making a break for chianti-town. try me.

try. me.

because it’s not really hard to be a man right now. look at lin-manuel miranda. he writes catchy songs, tweets positivity and encouragement, and has raised millions of dollars to help puerto rico. good job, man. former president barack obama knows the names of all his children, is married to the mother of all his children, and shows up for jury duty. well done, man. chris hurst, who lost his girlfriend in a horrific act of gun violence, ran for office on a platform of gun control in her honor. stellar work, man.

it’s not really hard to be a good man right now. i’ll say it again: many of the best feminists i know are men. it *is* really hard to be a creepster pervo right now. life’s not great right now for men who think [unzips pants and proudly displays flaccid, larval junk] is an acceptable conversation opener.

AND IT SHOULDN’T BE. life should be miserably uncomfortable for men who make women both miserable and uncomfortable under the guise of light, witty banter. women who don’t like your jokes, or you standing too close to them, or being masturbated in front of, aren’t too sensitive or prudish or frigid bitches. we don’t owe you sex. we don’t owe you friendship. we don’t owe you anything.

women don’t exist to flatter, fuck, or otherwise be enjoyed by men.

while we’re on the subject, no woman who is your subordinate wants to hear your thoughts on which female character on luke cage is more bangable. because, first of all, that’s inappropriate and gross. pretty sure literally no one asked.

and, secondly, it’s claire temple, you dumb sack of shit. it’s never not claire temple. now you’re just a pervert with terrible taste. 


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  1. Vivian Williams Vivian Williams

    It really IS Claire Temple…I never woulda known…

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